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Macquarie Endowment Warrants

This product is closed


Endowment Warrants are a non-recourse leveraged investment, available over a selection of ASX-listed shares over a period of approximately eight years.

This product is now closed. If you are an existing investor and would like information on Endowment Warrants, please visit the Investor Centre. Alternatively, contact Macquarie on
1800 803 010.


The Product Disclosure Statement for this investment sets out various risks associated with the product. We advise you read the PDS prior to providing advice in relation to this investment.

Frequently asked questions

What has happened to my Endowment Warrants?

All Macquarie Endowment Warrants have now matured.

What happened at the maturity of my Endowment Warrants?

At maturity, holders of a Macquarie Endowment Warrant could elect to acquire the underlying shares from Macquarie or to receive cash. The investor could acquire the underlying shares by making the Final Payment equal to the residual Outstanding Amount. Alternatively, the investor received a cash payment equal to the market value of the shares less the Final Payment and brokerage – this may have been zero.

How can I obtain a copy of the maturity confirmation letter that I was sent at maturity?

You may request a copy of your maturity confirmation letter by completing the Macquarie Securities Group request a document online form

Can I request my maturity confirmation letter be sent to another address?

You may request a maturity confirmation letter by completing the Macquarie Securities Group request a document online form.

How do I calculate the Capital Gains/Losses on my Endowment Warrants?

Macquarie does not provide tax advice. Please refer to the PDS found in the Investor centre.

What correspondence will be sent during the life of an Endowment Warrant?

Annual statements are sent to holders of Endowment Warrants outlining the number of units held, the Outstanding Amount per unit and the changes to the Outstanding Amount for the previous year.

Will I receive a tax statement?

Macquarie does not issue tax statements in relation to Endowment Warrants. Holders of Endowment Warrants do not receive dividend earnings, nor do they pay interest and therefore there is no need for any tax statement.